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Vol 01 : Issue 04

Dated 05th December 1971 , Sunday

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Navy attacks Karachi : Pak ships sunk
Navy Missile boats rain destruction on Karachi Harbour

One of the OSA Class missile boats used in the attack on Karachi

The attack on Karachi has produced equal amounts of shock and admiration as such an attack was not percieved given Karachi's heavy defences and proximity to two major PAF airbases.Though the pakistani side has been left in a totally wrecked state,the attacking force did not even suffer a scratch.

Operation "Trident" was executed in the afternoon of the 4th and Osa missile boats of the "Killer" squadron- Nirghat, Nipat and Veer and two petya class vessels-Kiltan and Katchall under the command of squadron commander B.B Yadav sped stealthily towards Karachi.

At around 2200 hrs yesterday,the attack was carried out with the deadly SS-N-2B Styx Anti-ship missiles, for the first time in a war in the subcontinent.

PNS Shah Jahan
PNS Shahjahan, a  destroyer believed to have been sunk by the Navy's Missiles off Karachi yesterday night.

5 Dec 1971 : Western Sector:  In one of the most dramatic operations since the war had begun,the Indian Navy blasted Pakistan's strategic and crtically prime port of Karachi,with a composite attacking force of 3 missile boats and 2 submarine chasers,inflicting absolutely awesome amounts of damage to the pakistani navy and war machine.

Nirghat was the first to fire in anger and draw blood as two of her Styxs exploded into and sunk the pakistani destroyer Khaibar.

The missile boat Nipat engaged and crippled another destroyer and sunk a merchant vessel with her missiles. It was evaluated that the merchant ship was carrying a load of ammunition

for pakistan when the rapid explosions aboard were noticed. The pakistani minesweeper Muhafiz was engaged and sunk by the missile boat Veer.

So perfectly was the operation carried out that the pakistani ships were transmitting messages of "Air attacks" which meant that they ...[Read Full Story]

IAF attacks continue in West
USAF and RCAF aircraft destroyed

Pictures show a Bomb Crater at a Pakistani Rail yard
Dec 04, Western Sector:
The IAF continued its strikes against enemy targets in West Pakistan throughout the day. The focus is still on the enemy's air assets and some strikes have been made against other targets too.

Sukhoi-7 fighter bombers of

No.32 Squadron struck Shorkot airfield for the third time in two days. A hangar containing aircraft was destroyed. However one of the aircraft flown by Flt Lt V V Tambay was shot down due to anti aircraft fire.

No.20 Squadron's Hunters led by Sqn Ldr R N Bharadwaj attacked Chaklala airfield today and destroyed a number of transport aircraft.

Atleast a C-130 and a DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft were identified as having been destroyed...[Read Full Story]

Submarine sunk off Vizag!
Indian Navy sinks pride of Pakistani Submarine Fleet

Dec 04 VISAKHAPATNAM: There's no doubt about it.The large black object lying dead 17 41'00'' N and 83 21'05''E off Vishakapatnam is none other than the (ex)pride of the pakistani navy - the submarine Ghazi.The submarine exploded and sunk around the midnight of 3/4 December after an encounter with the Indian destroyer INS INS Rajput which depth charged it.The commanding officer of the Ghazi, Zafar mohammed khan and the 82 member crew have met with a watery grave.This outstanding submarine kill is the first one since WW-II and

Pak Submarine PNS Ghazi sunk off Vizag
once again, the Indian Navy has placed itself in the history books with yet another chapter following their awesome attack on Karachi.

The Pakistani navy must be cursing their fate as they have not only lost 2 destroyers and a minesweeper but now,their prized subm...[Read Full Story]

Pak claims Capture of Hussainwala

Dec 04  RAWALPINDI: A spokesman here today claimed the capture of the Hussainiwala enclave in the fazilka sector. He had said that the Indian troops holding the enclave have been evicted. Indian defence sources have neither confirmed this reverse nor denied it.  more details are awaited. 

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The Concept of this site: The Liberation Times [TLT]- is a commemoration of the 30th Anniv- ersary of India's greatest Military Victory in the last century and the birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. TLT will track the day to day events of the short 14-Day war, that took place thirty years back.  [More]

Army repulses Pak attack at Longewala
Lone Army post's valiant stand , Coup-de-grace by the Air Force

Dec 04, Rajasthan: The Indian Air force today in conjunction with the Army blunted a major Pakistani Armoured Offensive in the Rajasthan sector

A Major surprise Armoured offensive was mounted in this sector by the Pakistani Army today. The Objective of the attack was to take Jaisalmer airfield and subsequently take the offensive all the way to Jodhpur. As Indian troops were involved in a different offensives of thier own in the same sector but away from the scene of the Pakistani Thrust, No significant opposition was expected to take the offensive.

The first signs of the offensive were detected today morning at 0400 Hours at the border outpost of Longewala, which is approximately 115 km from Jaisalmer and   about   15  km  from   the border

Tank tracks at Longewala
located between Tanot and Ghotaru. The enemy forces were believed to have been comprising of 51 Infantry Brigade (Pak) and the 22nd Cavalry Regiment with T-59 chinese supplied tanks. Aparently the pakistani forces were guided by former residents of Longewala who had migrated to Pakistan longtime back. [Read Full Story]

Other Reports

Fighting going on in Chamb

Dec 05, Chamb: Pakistan renewed its attack on the town of Chamb in the Jammu and Kashmir Sector. The Pakistani troops tried to cross the Manwar Tawi River near Mandiala and were beaten back by Indian troops.

The attack came at 3.00 am in the morning. When forward troops of 9 Para Commando and tanks of 9 Deccan Horse encountered enemy troops and soon scattered them away with ease. This initial encounter turned out only to be a probe. [Read Full Story]

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IAF rules skies over Dhaka
Tezgaon and Kurmitola airfields struck again - More aircraft destroyed

Dec 05, Eastern Sector: Continuing the offensive against the Pakistan Air Force in the Eastern Sector, the IAF today bombed the Tejgaon and Kurmitola airfields for the second consecutive day.  MiG-21s from No.28 and No.30 Squadrons attacked Dacca's Tezgaon airfield in the morning and again in the afternoon.  One of the MiG-21 Squadron pilots had mentioned that

no air opposition was encountered and that the PAF was almost grounded in this sector.

MiGs from Gauhati also attacked Pakistani Army positions at Maulvi Bazar in the Sylhet sector. The only opposition in the air was from light anti aircraft guns of the Pakistani army.....[Read Full Story]


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