Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of India's Greatest Military Victory

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Vol 01 : Issue 02

Dated 03rd December 1971 , Friday

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Pakistan attacks Indian Air Bases
Pakistan General Keeps his word - Attacks India
Three of the Raiders Shot down - Indian Bombers Retalliate

Dec 03, New Delhi: At approximately 5.47 pm in the evening, Pakistan had launched air attacks against Indian Airfields across the western border. The airfields of Srinagar, Pathankot, Amritsar, Ambala, Agra, Jodhpur, Faridkot, Avanitpur, Uttarlai, Jamnagar and an area near Ferozepur were attacked by aircraft of the Pakistani Air Force.

The President, Mr. V V Giri had proclaimed a national emergency following Pakistani Aggression.

The Emergency was declared under Article 352 of the Constiution after the central cabinet met in a special session soon after the return of Mrs Indira Gandhi to the capital from Calcutta. Parliament was requested to assemble tommorrow (Dec 4) for a special session

It may be recalled that Gen Yahya Khan, the dictator running Pakistan had told reporters before he left for China on Nov 25th that

"In 10 Days, I might not be here in Rawalpindi, I will be off  fighting a war".

True to his word, hardly ten days have elapsed before this attack on India had surfaced.

In an obvious attempt to shift the blame on India, Radio Pakistan announced at 6.15 pm that Indian troops have launched an attack in the Western Sector. The New China News Agency   also made a similar announcement at about the ..[Read Full Story]

  A Surface to Air Anti Aircraft Missile at a Forward Air Base

Heavy shelling in Poonch

Dec 03 JAMMU: Heavy shelling by Pakistani troops have been reported in the Poonch area. Enemy troops were reported to have penetrated a few kms into Indian territory. Indian reinforcements have been rushed to the area..   [MORE]

Curfew in Border Areas

Dec 03  AMRITSAR: Night Curfew has been implemented in border states across the country to counter sabotage activities by enemy agents...[MORE]

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The Concept of this site: The Liberation Times [TLT]- is a commemoration of the 30th Anniv- ersary of India's greatest Military Victory in the last century and the birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. TLT will track the day to day events of the short 14-Day war, that took place thirty years back.  [More]

Prime Minister's address to the nation
"Aggression must be met and the people of India will meet it with fortuitude and determination"

Dec 03 NEW DELHI: In a radio broadcast shortly before midnight, the Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi addressed the nation. The following is a brief excerpt from her speech.

"I speak to you at a moment of great peril to our country and our people. Some hours ago, soon after 5.30 pm on the 3rd December, Pakistan had launched a full scale war against us.......Today a war in Bangladesh has become a war on India....I have no doubt that by the united will of the people, the wanton and unprovoked aggression of Pakistan should be decisively and finally repelled.....Aggression must be met and the people of India will meet it with Forutitude , determination, discipline and utmost unity."

She said that the people should be prepared for a long period of hardship and sacrifice. What was at stake was not merely India's territo... [Read Full Story]

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi addressing the nation on radio
Other Reports

Armed Forces Chiefs Meeting tonight

Dec 03 NEW DELHI The chiefs of the Armed Forces are scheduled to meet tonight to discuss the ongoing operations against Pakistan.


Navy on High Alert

Dec 03 BOMBAY: The Indian Navy is on a war footing. Several ships and submarines have been reported to be at sea for the past one week. Expected to take part in the war on the high seas ....[More]

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Air Force retaliates : Air Commander's Message

Dec 03 NEW DELHI: Even as the Pakistani bombers were on the way back from the attacks on Indian Air Force bases, the IAF is fevereshily carrying out its plans to strike back. Sources of TLT has informed us that Canberra Bombers from Agra are already in the air in the night to attack undisclosed Pakistani targets.

In an "Order of the day" issued on December 3, 1971,  Air Marshal M M Engineer, Air Officer Commanding in Chief , Western Air Command,

declared that the Pakistani air attack on Indian Airports was "war" and directed the units under him to "Destroy the Pakistan war machine".

He said "The country has been plunged into war by an unscrupulous enemy who has shown cynical contempt for all civlised human values"

"This is his third round and we owe it to posterity that we destroy the evil war machine which has consistently disturbed peace in the Indian Subcontinent"
[Read Full Story]

Air Marshal M M Engineer AOC in C WAC
Air Marshal M M Engineer


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