Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of India's Greatest Military Victory

Indian Air Force gears up to retaliate
"Hit the enemy where it hurts him the most..." ...Air Marshal M M Engineer

Dec 03 NEW DELHI: Even as the Pakistani bombers were on the way back from the attacks on Indian Air Force bases, the IAF is fevereshily carrying out its plans to strike back. Sources of TLT has informed us that Canberra Bombers from Agra are already in the air in the night to attack undisclosed Pakistani targets.

In an "Order of the day" issued on December 3, 1971,  Air Marshal M M Engineer, Air Officer Commanding in Chief , Western Air Command, delcared that the Pakistani air attack on Indian Airports was "war" and directed the units under him to "Destroy the Pakistan war machine". He said :

"The country has been plunged into war by an unscrupulous enemy who has shown cynical contempt for all civlised human values"

"This is his third round and we owe it to posterity that we destroy the evil war machine which has consistently disturbed peace in the Indian Subcontinent"

"It will be your privilage to hurt the enemy where it hurts the most. The fury and courage of our aircrew, the efficiency and endurance of our ground crew, and the unflinching faith of each officer, airman and civilian in the final victory of our great victory is to be a night mare of our enemies"

"it shall be my pleasant duty to share your triumphs and glory"

Air Force officials have remained tight lipped about the Indian plans for retaliation. They have said that the airforce will give the results for public information tommorrow.

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Air Marshal Minoo Merwan Engineer, PVSM, DFC, Air Officer Commanding in Chief, Western Air Command

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